By Memi, Queen and Goddess of Movie Reviewz.

We had to start somewhere. So here is my take on the penultimate zombie classic. (Hey, btw, ever notice that they never actually say the word "zombie" in that movie???) Shot in black and white, in 1968, with a ridiculously low budget… it's still worth a look in 2005, even just to say you've seen the MOTHER of all flesh-munching-undead-freaks movies, and not just one of its misshapen illegitimate children and pale, bastardized, plastically enhanced imitations.

Ok. The acting is contrived (they’re unknowns for a reason!) except for Ben, the main character, who delivers a perfectly respectable performance. Kudos to Romero for casting a black guy because “he was the best guy for the job,” and not to make a racial statement. Utopically speaking, that’s how society should be. Never mind color, size, chromosomes. You’re the best, you get the job. You ROCK, dude! My next favourite thing about the characters is that they’re all flawed in some way. Ahh. It’s nice to watch humans at play! They’re oddly endearing, even though most of them are supremely annoying. So… you know. I sort of loved them, yet I was also very glad to watch them die. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Speaking of death scenes… if you need only one reason to watch this movie all the way through, do it to see the nasty little zombie kid killing and eating her (real life) parents covered in chocolate syrup… er… blood! Soooooooo worth it! Sick sick sick sick!!!

One problem (for me)… there’s no real gore (that chocolate syrup orgy mentioned above doesn’t even count as gore, creepy as it may be) and there aren’t any particularly smashing zombie make-up effects. (Where is Tom Savini when you need him??? Oh. Yes. In Vietnam, working as a war photographer. I guess he’s excused.) However, this movie does score additional points for two brief instances of totally useless TNA!!! (i.e. a naked female zombie in the mob that is stalking the house.) It’s not much, but it’s better than none at all!!!

Oh. And dudes… Great newscast!!! I find a good newscast is a definite asset to a zombie flick. It’s that… “oh-look!-the-world-has-gone-straight-to-hell!!!” type of disillusionment that does it for me every time. You know. Everyone is dying, but at least we’ve got TV. Oh yes. And radio. And zombies.

Favorite Quotes:

  • They’re coming for you Barbara!!!
  • What’s happening? *weeping* What’s happening?
  • Won’t you do something to help somebody???
  • We don’t enjoy living together, but dying together isn’t any better.