In a strict reading, if A causes B, then A must always be followed by B. In this sense, sex does not cause pregnancy, nor does smoking cause cancer. In everyday usage, we therefore often take "A causes B" to mean "A results in an increase in the probability of B"; sometimes that A is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for B; and sometimes that A is one of many things that can contribute to the occurrence of B.

Let's give thanks to Wikipedia for this clarification :P

Causality is what gives a hard-on to The Matrix's Merovingian (is that spelled right? does it mean anything? Let's ask wikipedia again! - god I love this thing!).

Just thinking about Merv makes me want to go out and get big chewy, juicy, olives to munch upon. Man, this Lambert Wilson guy is the best actor I've ever seen, when it comes to chewing on olives and making it look just friggin' delicious.

What makes me happy about causality? I like causality chains when the outcome is surprising and yet, it just plain makes sense. Y'know, when you finally figure it out and go: "now why didn't I see this one coming?". That's what "whodunit" movies are supposed to do. It's just hard to get me without cheating. Such cheap ploys can be seen in movies such as The General's Daughter.

What does it have to do with our little story here? Well, as causality would say, if it had a mouth and the ability to speak:

"Only time will tell..."